Expert packaging and finance sourcing

If your client is looking to launch a new business or needs additional capital for an existing enterprise, securing a loan against their commercial property is often the best route for them to take.

We have the lender contacts to meet your clients commercial needs in the following areas:

  • Commercial and residential developments
  • Leasehold finance
  • Re-financing
  • Asset finance

We work across a range of market sectors raising finance against a range of properties from hotels, offices, industrial units to nursing homes and restaurants. We offer competitive rates comparable with the high-street and consider all types of credit classes from sub-prime to non-status.

With advances from £25,001 with no maximum limit and market-leading rates up to 100% LTV (subject to additional security) we can help your clients secured additional funding without the need to attend lengthy interviews or bank visits. Our expert team of underwriters will work with your client to gather all the evidence necessary to build a solid case and they will work directly our lenders to get a loan that meets your clients needs.

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