Expertly sourced and packaged second charge mortgages.

At Chaseblue, we want to provide brokers the flexibility they need always to provide best advice under the Financial Services Act. That’s where second charge loans, also known as secured loans, can have a very important role to play.

For many people, a secured loan is often a more appropriate solution than a remortgage, further advance or unsecured loan, particularly for clients planning to:

  • Consolidate their debts

  • Undertaking home improvements

  • A deposit for a buy-to-let property
  • Any business purpose

At Chaseblue, our close relationships with a very wide line-up of lenders means we can help you find the loan that’s best for your client’s circumstances and specific needs.

We provide a fast and efficient turnaround with unrivalled service transparency with excellent commission structures for our introducers and our friendly team are always happy to discuss any cases with you no matter how unusual the request.

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